Changes to our Service

In light of the new government guidance regarding coronavirus, we are taking steps to minimise the chances of infection at our centre. Individuals who use our centre are more likely to be vulnerable or in a higher risk group. This means that we are reducing the amount of people in the building and changing the drop-in. 

We are asking anyone who needs clothes and equipment to make a referral by phone, email or text rather than in person.  Counselling clients are being asked if they would prefer telephone support. Volunteers are asked to follow current advice regarding self-isolation and take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. The trustees will make the final decision about any closure, length of closure and communications. 

All those visiting our centre to collect items or see a counsellor 

  • will be required to use hand gel on arrival and when leaving (using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol)  
  • use the soap and disposable hand towels provided in the toilets 
  •  tell us if you consider you are in a ‘high risk’ group due to medical conditions  confirm that they have not been subject to self-isolation  
  • will inform us if they later discover they have had any contact with the coronavirus 


At present any individual who tests positive for coronavirus is followed up by the NHS to find everyone they have been in touch with. This means that if a volunteer becomes ill, it is possible that we would be required to give the NHS these details, however it would only be a name and phone number and not the context of the contact. All visitors to the centre need to bear this in mind when coming to see us.

For Further Information: 

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